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Welcome to an Boratech Personal Services
Recruitment Agency

Boratech Personeelsdienst is a recruitment and secondment and mediation company based in the Netherlands. Our services are offered to European citizens who want to settle in the Netherlands. We work with SMEs and mediate mainly in construction, heavy industry and transport.

Knowing the language and culture of the Eastern Europeans we are an important bridge between potential employer and employee.With many years of experience in the local market, we have the network, the skills and commitments to achieve the best match between supply and demand.

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With our mobile application you are able to enjoy our services anywhere and without restrictions. Fast, acurate and with extensive information you are immediately aware of changes in the supply and demand.

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Frequently Asked Questions

To register on the site click on Create new account or in the User Login box on the Home page. Registration is now quick and simple and allows you to choose your own password.

Like it or not, after you submit your application, the ball is in the employer’s court. They might not even be reviewing applications for a few weeks, or they might have hundreds to sift through. So this stage of the game is about being patient.

Job seekers are sometimes advised that they should call at this stage to “check on their application” or to try to schedule an interview. But most employers don’t respond well to this, viewing it as overly aggressive and, yes, annoying. After all, you’re not the only person applying for the job; multiply your phone call by 200 to 300 applicants, and you’ll see why employers are annoyed.

Realistically, the way to stand out at this stage isn’t by having an overly aggressive, rules-don’t-apply-to-me, pay-attention-to-me-now approach. Instead, you’ll stand out by being a highly qualified candidate, writing a great cover letter, and being responsive, thoughtful, and enthusiastic.

Choosing the right person for the job is time consuming issue. No you should not assume anything besides the knowledge that your resume is still “under review”. That means that someone at that company is responsible for reviewing resumes that come in for certain jobs. That person may be on vacation. Maybe they have 8 other open positions that they are responsible for and need additional time to review all of the resumes that come in. It can mean anything but the specifics don’t really matter – it means that your information is still being considered.

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